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My son is a preschool kid and goes to Marina’s Day Care Center after his school hours. He has been to 2 other day care centers before this and so far this one is the best. They provide homemade food which is organic and very healthy for my child. So the fuss about healthy food is solved and son eats it well over here. They brush up his Math and English skills well and hence it’s easier for him at school. So far I love the day care and how they have been treating my child with special care. I can see how he is growing bright day by day and does his chores on his own without much assistance from me, even at home. Dance and music is taught to children and they simply love it. My son comes home and shows me the steps he learned in the day care and I am satisfied with these activities. My son never used to like dancing before but now he enjoys it.

I am glad that I found such a fun and loving day care for my son. They are patient and calm with the children and understand their difficulties well.  Communication through actions and signs helps build a bond between the children and the staff. I would recommend Marina’s Day care for a home based experience for your child. Thank You Marina’s Day Care and I would surely consider them when I need a day care center in the future. I will recommend it to my friends and other acquaintances who would need a day care for their children.

My daughter has been going to Marina’s Day Care Center since 2 months now and after a rough beginning for her, with the separation anxiety she has finally settled down. If it was not for the friendly staff at Marina’s, the anxiety and crying attacks would have lasted even more than 2 months. They ensure that each child is taken good care of and not made to feel that they are away from the warm shelter of their homes. My daughter is slowly getting attached to the day care and I know there would be one day when she would love going there. They welcome your child and wish you a bright good morning when you go to drop your child in the morning. The assured tone in their good mornings gives me the courage everyday to leave my daughter with them.

We as working parents just want this assurance that their little ones will be safe when we are not around them. Marina’s Day Care guarantees this assurance and that’s why I like them. They have a good mix of play and fun activities along with educational activities. Children learn while at play. Children learn and enjoy the precious time of their life here and the day care helps make it even more fun. Thank You Marina’s Day care for welcoming my daughter with open hands. I know I can trust them to take good care of my child when I am at work.

Marina’s Day care center is one of the best in Brooklyn, NY. My child loves to go there every day and I can see the positive changes taking place in him. Marina’s day care has just 15 children and each child is well cared for. I like the way they give personal attention to my child. Food and other hygiene are excellent and I am happy about the fact that they provide organic food. Very few day care centers concentrate on the healthy food aspect of child upbringing. I will be sad when my son will leave Marina’s and attend kindergarten soon, as no one has taken care of him as well as they do when I am in office. However I am very sure he is going to be very well prepared when he starts attending kindergarten. I do not have to worry any more about what my son must be doing when I am busy at work.

I drop my child at the day care before going to office and the staff welcomes him with a warm smile. I see the smile my son reciprocates and I am relieved and satisfied that when I am not going to be there, they will care for my child and help him grow up well. They go above the expectations when child growth is concerned. They sure are a good starting point for children my son’s age. I recommend Marina’s Day Care to working parents living in Brooklyn. Your child will surely be safe and happy here and that’s what all parents want, don’t they?

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  • Marina’s Day care center is one of the best in Brooklyn, NY. My child loves to go there every day and I can see the positive changes taking place in him.